About Us

Laipac Technology Inc. and LocationNow.com, were founded in 1999 by Canadian entrepreneurs Maria C. Pacini and Diego Lai. The vision of Laipac was simple, even at its founding – provide peace of mind to customers by crafting the absolute best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use GPS asset trackers and geolocators on the market.

Today, Laipac Technology has become an industry leader in the field of GPS tracking, and has expanded its scope to cover the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT), with real-time asset tracking and people monitoring services and produces through its subsidiary, LocationNow Inc.

But the vision hasn’t changed. At Laipac Technology, we build with the customer in mind – above all else.

about us
Customer Focused

Whether you’re trusting us to track and monitor your most valuable land assets – ATMs, construction equipment, water vehicles, and other expensive machinery – or allowing us to provide location and tracking services for a loved one with our mobile healthcare products developed specifically for seniors and Alzheimer's care, we put your needs first.

Part of our success rests on our dedication to constant innovation. Laipac Technology looks to the future – that’s why we developed LocationNow Inc to bring easy, intuitive, web-based monitoring of GPS devices to mobile devices and web browsers. But we don’t stop there.


Innovation doesn’t always mean developing more advanced technology – innovation means developing the right technology. And though Laipac is dedicated to crafting cutting-edge GPS solutions – evidenced by our filing for several high-tech patents for GPS technology in 2016 – we know that technological innovation alone isn’t enough to succeed.

Since the needs of each sector of tracking are different, Laipac is dedicated to creating the perfect GPS monitoring solution for each and every need, including asset tracking, security personnel, and lone workers. There is no “perfect” solution that can fit every need. Laipac deals with this problem by crafting multiple individual products, each perfectly tailored to the needs of specific industries.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Each and every day, we wish to provide the absolute best, most innovative solutions to our clients and customers. Our desire is to improve quality of life, protect human beings and valuable assets, and ensure that any object tracked with our cutting-edge technology is as safe and secure as possible.

It is this spirit that has driven our growth. Our passionate desire for self-improvement and our vision for a safer, more well-protected future has led to our success. And despite the numerous business awards and nominations that Laipac has received, we’ve never lost our way.

Our business success is secondary to your customer success. That’s how we see things. Whether we make millions, or just barely turn a profit, we will always dedicate ourselves to ensuring that your GPS tracking needs are met exceptionally – to ensure that our products are the most safe, reliable, durable, and affordable on the market, no matter what valuable person or asset you need to track.

That’s our promise. That’s our mission. That’s what makes us different.